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  • Shirley A Genovese

Who are the Conversations With?

"Who are the conversations with?", he asked me as he leafed through the book.

"Between me and God". No one has asked me that question yet.

Startled and still holding the book, he gave me a searching look.

"Not weird stuff. Some things God teaches me while I pray and read the Bible."

I share these life changing insights in conversational form with readers in my book, A Confident Expectation 40 Hope-Full Conversations and encourage their own conversations with Him.


"Real hope is like a spiritual river. The head waters of hope, may start as a trickle and become a powerful torrent, carving a deep path through our soul. It speaks, compelling us to leave behind the things that keep us stuck. Real hope can disentangle us by its sheer force."


Excerpt from Chapter 21 ~ I've Got a River of Life in  Confident Expectation 40 Hope-Full Conversations.  

For convenience, ordering links are provided in my Website:

Photo:  Niagara River   Photo Credit:  Shirley A Genovese

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