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New Book Press Release

IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                      Contact: Shirley A. Genovese



40 Hope-Full Conversations

(Buffalo, NY-August 11, 2019) Introducing A Confident Expectation 40 Hope-Full Conversations, which offers a unique perspective of how to navigate a hopeful life. The author, Shirley Genovese, does this through brief thoughtful conversations with readers, concluding with gentle challenges for embracing a life of hope. The hopefulness described throughout this book is not rooted in optimism, which is based on circumstances, but with a strong faith. The hopeful theme, described through each conversation, is a sense of well-being and assurance of a good outcome which remains strong regardless of circumstances and emotions. It is hope alive with the promises of God, carried deep inside, which shines through regardless of the situation.

_____________________________________________________________ “Shirley has a unique ability to display God’s watchful loving care into everyday activities of her life. Her writing style gives readers comfort and encouragement.”

"I have a few devotional books that I can re-read often because their messages are timeless and the words continue to speak to me in all different seasons of my life. This is one of those books. I am excited to add this to my special collection. There is depth of experience, joy, hope, comfort, challenge, and conviction within these pages.”


Shirley desires that this book will be a vessel, delivering a way for hope to arise in others. Shirley earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of New York at Buffalo in Business Administration. She is a retired accountant and business manager. Shirley lives with her husband in Upstate New York. She is an emerging artist who paints with an eye for light which, for her, symbolizes hope alive in its infinite manifestations.

A Confident Expectation 40 Hope-Full Conversations is available through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and is available worldwide through various bookstores, Christian outlets and online. Both the Paperback and eBook retail for $12.99 (USD). Shirley Genovese published and printed it in coordination with Ingram Spark. The paperback is also available from Shirley’s Etsy shop at Find out more at

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