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  • Shirley A Genovese

Growing Faith: 3~Promises in Hidden Places

Updated: May 18, 2020

Steps for seed sowing: Prepare a place. Drop in the seed. Cover with dirt. Water it. Feed it. Wait. Cultivating seeds requires patience.

The seed just sits there dormant for a while, not doing much except absorbing its new environment; getting settled in. Eventually though, the hard and protective seed coat begins to soften and break down to allow water in. A tiny fragile root reaches down and grabs the earth. This little bit of life not only stabilizes but allows nutrients to reach the seed germ which contains the promise of growth and fruit. As the root grows downward with increasing ability to draw life from the soil, a small shoot pokes out of the top of the seed, pushing upward for the source of warmth, light, oxygen, and moisture. Once it pushes through the soil level, a thin tender stem forms to support the plant and leaves form which bring in oxygen. Roots deepen. The plant grows. Flowers and fruit appear.

Most of this process happens underground hidden from sight. It appears, from above the soil, that nothing much is going on. Yet something very powerful is occurring. I have seen tender plants pushing through hard man-made surfaces, like asphalt and concrete. Once the protective seed coat is gone, the force of life energy in the seed can push with a persistence strong enough to break the resistant matter so it can reach the sun.

Consider This: There are so many parallels in this process with that of developing a strong spiritual life of faith. It is no wonder that Jesus used the analogy of seed sowing in His teaching to describe how faith grows from the seed of the word of God; "faith seeds".

As a new believer, I soon learned that there is no rushing the faith process. It requires patience and persistence. Proper spiritual nourishment in good balance is critical. Protection, from all that will destroy it, is necessary. Much of the growing process occurs in the hidden places of our hearts.

The seed has great potential (promise) for life given the correct environment. Inside each seed, is a blueprint design for the seed’s purpose. A rose bush grows roses. A cherry tree grows cherries, bean seeds grow beans. Faith seeds (the word of God) grow faith. Faith for the purpose of appropriating an abundant spiritual life in the love of Christ Jesus. It is so we can live in freedom and forgiveness from sin; in relationship and conversation with Him through the Holy Spirit. In faith, we gain a deeper understanding of the ways of Heaven with divine strategy and power for living which enables us to face adversities and joys with wisdom and thanksgiving. Encapsulated in each tiny seed of faith is the life force of all of God’s promise. Its value is immeasurable. We are to cherish and care for it.

God never stops sowing seeds of faith into us; when we seek Him. His is the way of a continuing abundant harvest. One of the promises hidden in the faith seed is this:

The desert and the parched land will be glad; the wilderness will rejoice and blossom. Like the crocus, it will burst into bloom; it will rejoice greatly and shout for joy.” Isaiah 35.

The Holy Spirit is leading me with purpose, in this series of cultivating faith, that began with ‘The Littleness of Faith.’ There is the promise of an encouraging and prosperous outcome. Faith in Christ may start small but in its greatest strength, it can move mountains. It can cause us to have amazing victory, no matter what comes our way. I want faith that looks the promise above. Don't you?


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